I rode 60 miles before lunch today. Very little neck discomfort and I never had to stop for an adjustment! The bike shifts great and handles like a dream. The bike is also a climber. It's going to take some time getting used to the compact gearing after using a triple for all these years. With the pedals the bike weighs in at a respectable 15.4lbs. I did make a mistake with the matte clear coat. It shows every fingerprint and sports drink drip. Fortunately I don't see anything while I ride:) I have waited a long time for this bike. I am very pleased with my bike and the entire process. Thank you for a great experience.


Marc Fineberg



SO GREAT!!! I love love love my new wheels. We did the 75 mile ride again on Sunday and it was just like a different, far more fulfilling experience :) Obviously it's my own physical capacity that actually gets me through those rides (or doesn't) so it's not like "easy" on the new wheels, it just feels like a smoother and more productive use of my energy. Plus they look so hot!! Can't wait to put them to use in my triathlon in Minneapolis this weekend, I know I'm gonna love it. Thanks so much for your great advice and education!! I'll be back in soon!


Jane Belanger



Hey guys, I hope the Chicago summer is treating you nicely and you are getting some good riding in. I have to thank you guys cause I absolutely love riding this bike. It just wants to go fast which is great cause well I like to go fast. Michael, it feels similar to when I went from driving the 95' Impala to the WRX. Adam, you were right it handles wonderfully down hills and through the turns. The fit is great. It feels really comfortable. I have been getting out for at least 2 rides during the week (usually round 30-35kms). I went out for a longer 90km ride last weekend and it was great. I didn't have any problems with any aches or pains outside of normal fatigue. I have put the shims in under the cleats and that seems to have eliminated any pain or aches I had in my knees. So yea overall I am really enjoying it. It has given me a bit more confidence to push my cycling to another level and I know it has made a few of my friends just a little jealous. Thanks guys.


Ed Parks



By the way, over the past few weeks I've had a chance to do some longer rides on my IF. You did a fantastic job with the fitting, new parts, and overhaul. The bike is very comfortable and rides like a brand new bike. Thanks again for everything. It was a great experience.


Seth Lamden



Hey Adam, Just wanted to let you know that I did 50 miles yesterday and I felt great. I definetely noticed the difference (more speed and less effort)....I averaged 23m/hr, which was lot faster than my previous rides (~19.5m/hr). I will be reaching out to you after the race so we can put a plan together for a new bike. Thanks again for all your work. Regards, Luiz


Luiz Furlan



I just wanted to say that the fit on my bike felt great in today's race (USAT Duathlon Nationals) in hilly Oro Valley, Az. I got strep throat this week and participating was up in the air. I got 8th in my age group (30-34) and qualified for Team USA for the Age Group World Championships in Nancy, France in September. I've only ridden indoors this year and this race was my first outdoor ride, but the fit felt awesome. I was able to put out more power with zero back pain on a hilly and hot course. This was my first duathlon and just wanted to say thanks for the awesome fit! Bobby Atkins


Bobby Atkins



Hey Guys, I just had to say thank you one more time. Your help, understanding and professionalism was outstanding today and went well above and beyond what I ever expected. It really was a pleasure doing business with you all today and I will most definitely be back to your shops as well as referring as many of my friends as is possible. Again, a most sincere thank you!


Dion Socia



Hi Adam,


Thank you for the email to inquire about the new Serotta.  To quote you, "I was blown away by the Meivici".  You were absolutely right in many areas.  First, the carbon fiber is very forgiving in terms of road shock yet still a very solid and firm ride.  Second, the bike climbs much better as it is nimble and transfers power extemely well.  Finally and most important of all, the fit is PERFECT.  The best have ever felt on a bike in over 25 years of cycling.  Your talent and expertise as a master fitter was evident in how you were able to tweak my fit on old bike and how you precisely measured and fit me on the new Serotta.  Feels more effective to be over the pedals more and am much less cramped.  Also, no longer squirming in the saddle trying to be comfortable.  Adam, I sincerely appreciate all you time, effort and patience.  LOVE THE NEW BIKE and thank you for doing a great job with paint scheme.


Have and will continue to give you my highest recommendation for bike fit and bike maintenance.


Judy McCormick



Gentlemen I have wear on the tires and dust on the frame. It just felt perfect. Aggressive where I want it, stable when its necessary. The disadvantages of this light 29” are pretty minimal, compared with my super nimble Rocky Mountain. The advantages on the other hand are clear. On those big wheels it’s like all obstacles have decreased in height overnight. You were right, that 62 cm top tube fits perfectly. Pressure on my hands and wrists is significantly lower. The bike is so outrageously cool looking. And the built couldn’t have been better. Thanks a million for your perseverance in this long process. It was worth the wait, definitely.


Bert Wellens




Adam: Thanks again for all of your help the other day. The fitting session went even better than I thought it would. I was able to use your notes to dial in my road bike with no problems. The crank arms were the right length, as was the top tube, and all the measurements were easy to calibrate. But here's the question: Did it make a difference on my century ride today? Ummm, wow! I feel like a whole new biker. I was easily keeping pace with groups that would have previously dropped me like a rock, and completed my first sub-five hour century. What amazed me is how fresh I felt at four hours. I would never have guessed that a fit could make that much of difference. You can definitely add me to the long list of people who think you guys do a terrific job. Thanks again,


Joe Studer



Adam - finished the 100km route of D2R2 yesterday ahead of the rain. Wanted to share this, but I don't have others' addresses at GaG with me now. Thanks to you and the shop with the help with the bike etc. The ride was a lot of fun despite being absolutely insane


Wayne Lee



I bought my Cannondale hybrid from Get a Grip in 2009. It is my first bike since the eighties so you could say I represent the novice cyclist demographic. When I shopped, the salesperson understood my position and didn't act offended by my $500-600 price range. I may have spent more here than I could have elsewhere but I felt comfortable knowing I was dealing with knowledgeable people. Since purchasing, I've needed some heavily customization and more than a little maintenance (new wheels after multiple broken spokes, special tires, broken handlebar, collapsing seat post, etc). I wouldn't think of bringing my bike anywhere else. I even bought most of my bike accessories (lights, helmet, bike computer, cages, shorts) at Get a Grip. Again, prices may be at a slight premium but they're not unfairly high. I trust their expert staff and I'm sure those margins are used to pay those experts well.


Miles Baltrusaitis



Hi Adam,

A special thank you for the great fit on the old Serotta for Jeanie.  She said she was in heaven on the new ride and just loves it.  Great job with dialing in her position and making the current bars work.  Very good call on the light action pedals and loves sadddle, too.

Thanks for having your Meivici at the shop as it was very helpful to see the color scheme as well as the wheels.   Once again, thank you for being a top notch bike fitter and mechanic.


Judy McCormick



Hi Adam,


Thanks for the note, things got off to a slow start with a cool and wet spring but I absolutely love my new Seven.  I have been in Door County riding all the farm roads.  I am amazed at how smooth it rides and how effortless it is going from 0 to 20, even with all the hills up here.  Thanks again for the great care you gave me.


Diane Kravets



Hi Guys –

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my new Serotta CDA. I was hesitant to spend that much, but I’m glad I did. The frame is a work of art, and the fit is spot-on (thanks, Ken!). A true joy to ride. The handling is superb, it seems to be much more responsive than my Trek and way more comfortable on the bumpy country roads I frequent. I look forward to many years of enjoyment. Attached is a pic of the complete bike with the American Classic wheels. She’s a beauty!


Jeff Buraglio




Just writing to let you know that I had a great 43 mile ride this morning. Bike rode great and was very comfy. Arrived home without any soreness in arms, neck or shoulders. I think I like my other saddle better, but will probably ride a few months before making that decision. The only negatives were (i) the same 53 year old engine is driving this bike as my other bike and (ii) annoying NE winds this morning. Not much I can do about either problem. Thanks for the good fitting and service,


Edward Feldman



Hi, Adam!

I didn't get out on Sunday, but I did today! Rode with the fast group, (moderate fast), today with NO problem!

Met the very fast group for lunch. The "fast boys" we're all over it, (my bike that is). (ie: No decals, color choice, vintage frame style.)

All the comments that I heard were about the look, but I have to say, I love my "campies." Sometimes, the shifting was so smooth, that I had to turn around and look to see if the gears actually shifted.

I worked on being in the position you taught me and kept my shoulders down. No neck pain.

Everyone asked where I got my bike and I enthusiastically responded, "Get A Grip."


Sally Allen



Hello Kevin,

I just popped over to the website to see what's new and took the time to read the "Welcome to Get A Grip Cycles" page and noticed you welcome feedback- so here I am. I actually was fitted and purchased my bike about 2yrs ago. The whole experience was really great. The guys at the shop are knowledgeable, friendly, and not condescending in the least. Adam did my fitting and he made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me at every turn. As you say on your site GAG might not be the least spendy place to buy a bike, but I feel the service and experience I received was worth the cost.

I have returned a couple times since to ask questions and for a tune-up. Everything has been great! Keep up it guys! And thanks for treating us lowly non-racers with courtesy and respect.


Justin Johnson



I'm sure these complimentary emails come regularly but I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am with the customer service I receive at Get-A-Grip.  I'm a loyal customer but have only bought one bike from you in 4 years..but STILL you and your staff treat me like I'm the most valued person that has walked through the doors.  From Jeff, to Saj, to Matt, to Michael, to Ken, you, and anyone else I might have missed.  Thank you and your staff for a job well done!  The treatment, and sometimes special treatment, does not go unappreciated or unnoticed!  And, I might add, the customer service is not fake and disingenuous, it's normal and natural and not akward....


Joseph Lotus



Hi Adam

I was off work last Thursday - Friday, we had some friends coming into town Thursday night. Had a bunch of errands to run on Thursday before they arrived, but since it was nice that day I wanted to jump on the lakefront trail and ride a few miles to give it a try. A few turned into 20, and it was excellent; felt like the bike was made for me.

Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate your attention to detail, and it certainly paid off in the final product. I plan on making a few of the Wednesday night rides, hopefully I'll see you there.


Kyle McCarthy




Thanks for all the help. As a new rider you sure made the process enjoyable. I continue to rave to others about your stores. Hope you are able to pull it all under one roof soon. Don't lose what is special when you do. Thanks again and I am sure I will be in soon for more help when I get out on the road.


Scott Jamieson



In this business of cycling I can count on one hand the number of people I think "get it".  They are incredibly knowledgeable, good at what they do and exemplify customer service.  That, I have learned,  is a short list but a tall order.  Adam, and now you are on my list of folks in the cycling business that, in my opinion,  "get it".  You two are the reason Chrystal and I drive from Indiana, passing at least a half dozen shops (and braving the Dan Ryan!).  Regrettably, I know there are way too many people who do not respect and appreciate what you guys bring to this sport.  Thanks a bunch.  Let me know a good time to call to pay for the shoes.


DeWayne Ferris



I've been riding the same bike for 10 years, but by the end of last season it no longer felt comfortable.  Since I am not planning to purchase a new bike until next year, a couple friends recommended I see Adam to get a retro fit.  After sitting down with him for the initial interview, I instantly decided to go for the full fit.


I can honestly say that I have never had a bike experience like this.  From the interview to the changing of parts to the shoe fit, Adam was very thorough.  He adjusted my bike in ways I never could have done on my own, and I was able to observe myself on the video in the before and after positions. I am 59 years old and not a racer. The new set up is more aggressive, and at first I thought the new position would be uncomfortable. Boy was I wrong!  Not only did my bike feel great, there was more power in my legs.  The next day I went out for ride, and was absolutely thrilled with the difference.


Adam listened to me and understood what I needed at this time.  It wasn’t just about selling me bike parts.  While he originally he proposed changing many things, by the end of the fit, he determined it wasn’t necessary.  Instead, he recommended saving the money to put towards my new bike purchase.  Undoubtedly I will be going to Get A Grip for that!


Marc Fineberg



Adam, I've got a couple hundred miles on my new custom Serotta now, so time to give you some feedback. I couldn't start cycling until April 1st (because of a kidney stone problem I had back in February).


But that's all fixed and I'm feeling great, so I'm now riding my new dream machine and loving it. The appearance of the bike is just what I wanted. I call it my 'generic custom'. It doesn't stand out, and I like it like that. If I had gone for a flashy paint job, or the deep green fork and chain stay, I'd be focusing too much on it, and people would be constantly remarking about it.


This way, it's easy to forget and it blends in with my cycling group just fine. My overall impression of the custom Serotta is that it "disappears" when I'm on it. In other words, it fits so well, and so naturally supports my body mechanics, that I hardly notice it.


And this is exactly how it should be. A lot of credit to you for the fitting and getting the bike right. It's quite obvious that I have a good fit now (finally, after 20 years of semi-serious road cycling!). So before I take it completely for granted (which I won't be able to help myself from doing), some comments about the fit:


1. The discomfort I used to get on my old bike (the Litespeed Tuscany) in my shoulders and trapezius muscles, is pretty much gone. I haven't done any really long rides yet (did my longest today, 53 mi) to know how I'll feel after a century ride, but so far I'm very pleased with this outcome (again, a tribute to the fitting).


2. I'm more comfortable in the saddle, the way my sit bones interface with the seat. I'm suspecting that I may no longer need to use chamois butter for long rides, and if that happens, that's another feature of the fit I'm very pleased with.


3. Pedaling is easier somehow. Don't know how to describe it, but it seems more effortless, probably because I'm now in a biomechanically optimal position.


4. Lower back pain. I have a chronic lower back problem, and I can tell when I get off the Serotta, that the tension (or aggravation) in that area is definitely less. That, combined with the lack of shoulder/neck discomfort mentioned above, makes doing a long ride so much more comfortable! This means that as I put a lot of miles on this bike, I'm not aggravating my musculoskeletal system like I was. That's a long-term health benefit I'm looking forward to. When I'm on the bike now, it feels like it's "just me". The bike is not an issue at all. I'm free to just focus on my body and what I'm doing in the activity of cycling, not being distracted by discomfort issues (or debating with myself about making an adjustment to the bike to improve my comfort or performance). This is really a very significant difference from the way I was cycling before. Now I'm free from all the bike fit issue stuff, and can just focus on the joy of cycling.


Some bike features worth mentioning:


1. The front end is much more stable. Probably because of the 1 1/8" steerer tube, and the triple-butted head tube. Serotta has really done a nice job on this. Compared to the 1" Litespeed steerer tube, this Serotta has much less flexing. I like the 3T Ergonova Pro Alloy handlebars with the anatomic curve much better than the Easton EC 70 wing carbon bars I had on the Litespeed.


2. The steering is so much more stable! The finicky, squirrly steering I had with the Litespeed is gone. I can ride no-hands with much more confidence. This is a change I was really looking forward to, and it's great to know that Serotta was able to deliver.


3. Can't comment on cornering because we have very few tight corners on our roads here in SE Iowa. The tightest corners are at intersections, but when you negotiate those, you're always watching for traffic and gravel, so I haven't had a chance to really test the Serotta. Eventually that'll happen, and I can't imagine that the Serotta will be disappointing.


4. The bottom bracket. So much less flex than the Litespeed! This is really noticeable, and especially on hills. I can feel how the energy from my legs is going right into the wheel. No lateral-motion energy loss (well, none that I can tell). This is a major improvement over the flexy Litespeed. And that more efficient energy transfer is with me 100% of the time. I love it!


5. The carbon chainstays...I'm still evaluating these. They sure look nice, that's for sure! The bike rides so well that surely the seatstays are playing a big role. I'm in no position to tell if they absorb road vibration better than if I had gone with ti seatstays, since I'd have to get an all-ti custom Serotta Legend in order to compare. Maybe in cornering there's an advantage, but since I don't have much opportunity for it, I just can't tell. So far, so good, though.


6. Bike weight. I think the Serotta is about 8 oz lighter than my Litespeed. It certainly SEEMS a bit lighter, but I never had a precise weight for my Litespeed, so I'll never know.


7. Campy Chorus 11. It's working better than how it was set up on the Litespeed. Your mechanic (Jeff, I think) did a nice job of building the bike up. That's the difference between using an experienced shop and one that doesn't know Campy. Enough said on that point.


Adam, all in all, I'm a very happy camper! I'm glad Joe Dowd finally came in for a fitting. There's another cycling buddy here who's impressed with my experience with the custom Serotta, and someday may be headed your way. Hope so. Thanks again for a great forever bike!


Greg Titus



Kevin/Adam/Matt - just want to thank you guys for all of your help the last 8 or so months. Ironman Wisconsin went AWESOME, my bike behaved beautifully last Sunday, it was the most fun I've had on the bike. Thank you so much!!!! I finished my first IM in 12 hrs 49 min, thank you so much for all of your help!!!!!


Dawn DiPonio



Kevin My son and I were in your store on Fulton Street this Saturday. His bike needed some adjusting. We were helped by Saj. He totally got the bike back to specs and couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Very professional in all ways. I am recommending your place to all of my friends.


Stuart Popowcer



Thanks fellas for the help-Ironman Arizona was a success-but I definitely have room for improvement. The bike was awesome, I just need to fine tune the engine a bit more for IM Wisconsin





Well. I'm impressed that Kevin took the time to write that - to me, that says a lot about his commitment to making sure his customers are happy. Nicely done.


Tasha Huebner



I personally enjoy GAG's service and product selection. Being in an entrepreneurial environment as well sometimes it's best to remember the old axiom: "You can please some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time." I chant that one under my breath when customers are chewing me out for hours on end or when I want to strangle one. The fact that he/they show enough concern to let us know this is admirable and makes me like the shop even more.


Christopher Castaneda



I was able to take a quick ride on the Ti Max before I have to go out of town tomorrow. I just wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how completely thrilled I am with this bike. Everything from fit, to your suggestions, (including the Time Attac clipless) and the first rate build are excellent. I am extremely pleased. If you ever need someone for a testimonial please feel free to use me as a contact. I think we built a completely awesome bike. And I am very pleased I made the choice of the 29", and to have you put it all together. I cant wait to try this bike in Colorado next month.


Chris Winter



Place is awesome. Certified fitters for bikes. They won't sell you something just to get rid of it. They want you to ride it. Mountain, road, tri, cross... they'll work with you. Questioning shimano vs. campy? they'll let you try both. (Campy). Good guys.


Wesley W



These guys were great. I picked up a great bike (PM me if you want to ride), helmet, lock and a really cool messenger bag made locally! They were always helpful.


Jonathon F



Dear Adam,


Just a quick follow-up thanks to you. I took my steel Jamis out today for a very windy 55 mile run along the

LFP. The stem upgrade and FIT modifications have significantly

increased my power to the wheel, aerodynamics and overall comfort.

Seriously, I kept pushing and pushing, wind be damned - nearly a

course record for me, despite it being a solo run with high winds. All

positions feel more comfortable and efficient and the shims on the

cleats are working perfectly.


And when I thought about my soon-to-be dream Seven, I was reminded

that not only am I getting your extensive FIT experience and Seven's

manufacturing experience, but also Serottas' FIT, analysis and

modeling technology as a bonus. Clearly, it is as if I am getting two

bikes; I am already a better rider on my current steel Quest.


It is amazing how, even at my fitness level, such seemingly small

changes in geometry can have such a profound affect on performance,

comfort and efficiency.


You are amazing. Thank you for all you help thus far.




John Servies


Get a Grip Cycles Team,


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys so much for not only your professionalism and sense of urgency to a customers needs, but also allowing me to finish my first Ironman!  Thank you Kevin for taking care of everything I needed when I was 5000 miles away on deployment and leaving me with no concerns or doubts.  You truly run a first class establishment there!  Adam thank you for always answering my questions on the phone and being patient with me.  I know there was a chance my P3 might not show up on time, and you worked extremely hard to make it happen.  Lastly, thank you for a perfect fit Ken.  I rode all 112 miles with out any discomfort, and did it with confidence after mile 10!  After training in the desert on a trainer for 7 months I was without a doubt worried about being in a saddle for 112 miles.  You made that race very comfortable for me.  I can't say "easy" because I would be lying if I said an Ironman was easy!  Thank you guys again, I look forward to working with you in the future to make myself a better rider!  Happy Holidays!


Very Respectfully,


Donovan Moore


Ironman Florida 2013



Donovan Moore















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